Innovative 3D Tailing Characterization

Mine tailings can provide sources for regaining valuable metals and elements including Rare Earth Elemets (REE). Tailings are in many cases easy accessible and due due it’s fine grained material easy to process.
For identifying the remining potential Geccotec provides innovative, fast and cost effective screening technologies like the MPT probe.

The data aquisition is based on in-situ probes and real time data processing. While beeing hydraulically pushed into the tailings material our MPT probe continuously gains data of element concentrations by utilizing X-Ray flourescence. The modular system can be upgraded for measurement of hydraulic and geotechnical data for getting a proper understanding of the sedimentary structures and geotechnical geometry.
The data will be geostatistically processed and transferred into a 3D model of resource distribution.

The model builds the basis for the design of remining activities. It further provides the economical baseline data for feasability studies for remining of metals and REE from tailings.

Our approaches for 3D tailings characterization combines the following benefits:

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