Development of innovative in-situ probes and systems

Geccotec developes and manufactures equipment for in-situ testing of soil and groundwater. Our systems are designed for in-situ data aquisition based on CPT or Direct Push technologies. The probes and systems can be customized for special requirement and purposes. Our current probes comprises:


Metal Probing Tool for in-situ detection of metals and elements based on x-ray fluorescence. We are customizing and optimizing our MPT project specific to the special needs of the target elements and investigation site.



Membrane Interface Tool for in-situ measurement of volatile organic compounds.



Electric Conductivity Tool for soil type and soil strata identification.

The probes can be pushed with standard CPT equipment and/or Direct Push machines. Depending on project requirements Geccotec probes and acquisition systems can be adapted and customized for most accurate results and performance.

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